social media consultant

You don’t have enough time on your hands to dedicate to social media like you’d like to.

You understand the importance of social media but you don’t know how to make it work for your business.

You’re trying everything you can to get engagement, but you don’t have an actual social media marketing plan in place.

You simply don’t enjoy social media like you used to & it’s just another thing to check off on your ever-growing to-do list.

If this sounds like you, then I’m so glad you’re here!

Hi! I’m Natalie

I’m a sucker for beautiful light & all things social media.

I understand the ever-changing environment of the current social atmosphere & am skilled at understanding & crafting a company’s message, visually & verbally, so that it can be clearly communicated to different audiences through various formats & social tools.

I believe you should be engaging with your audience, using beautiful imagery to strategically position yourself as an authority & influencer in your chosen field.

As your Social Media Consultant my ultimate goals are to drive awareness, spark conversations & grow conversions for you & your brand. 

Community is built from awareness. I’m going to put you & your brand out there in a smart, strategic way so more people know of your activity, influence, authority & brand.

This is where conversations happen & potential clients get to know you better. Let’s engage with your audience & get them talking about you & your brand.

Sales are made when the client moves from liking you, to trusting you. Let’s turn them into purchasers by making sure they feel supported & comfortable purchasing from you.

social media consulting

Understanding that every brand is unique, I craft a thoughtful, custom approach to every social media account I partner on.

Maybe you just need someone to bounce ideas off of, inspire you & hold you accountable.

Maybe you just need an executable plan that you can implement & manage yourself.

Maybe you’re looking for someone to do it all for you.

Regardless of your need, I have a well-defined process & the creativity & passion to up level your business to realize its true potential.

the process

First, I’ll work with you to identify your target market, business objectives, opportunities, challenges & we’ll establish a plan.

Then, I’ll perform an audit of your social media platforms & make recommendations on things that need to change based on current best practices.

Next, I’ll put together beautifully styled visual content specific to your business. Everything will be given to you in an easy to navigate & use plan that will drive likes, comments & shares to your social media platforms.

Lastly, we’ll review easy to understand social analytics & post insights on a monthly basis. Based on this review we’ll revise & adjust the plan as necessary to continue to grow your social media platforms.

Brands I’ve worked with:

Let’s strategize on how to best showcase your brand to the word!