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When it comes to social media right now, the big thing is “know, like, trust” which in turn should lead to sales. You should focus on having a social media strategy that you’re implementing so that people begin to know you, like you and trust you and then therefore want to buy from you.

The “know” part of the process is all about building your community. In order for people to know about you they have to see you on social media, so you need to have a plan for posting/going live {gasp!} and getting content out there without overwhelming your audience. The posts you put out, the things you talk about, should all drive awareness of your brand to your ideal client.

Writing posts that address the “know” aspect of this strategy would be like me writing about my partnership with Wendy, writing about why I started the Fox Stock Shop and what I love about what I do. This can stay as “business professional” or as “personal” as you want it to be for your business. Maybe I’ll let you into my little secret, which is my obsession with color coordinated spreadsheets, or maybe I’ll just rip back the curtain and expose you to the craziness that’s raising three kiddos when the house is a disaster and my husband and I are both working on a deadline.

The “like” part of the process is all about engaging with your audience. In order for people to like you, you have to be offering and showing them things that are exciting and that they’re curious about. This is the part of the process where you should be having conversations with your community, asking them questions, providing answers, insight and getting them to talk about your brand.

Writing posts that address the “like” aspect of this strategy would be like me asking you questions about what you’d like for us to photograph for the Fox Stock Shop, what kinds of free images you’d like to see next month and taking a poll on what colors you’re looking for in stock imagery. This is the part of the process where engagement is born and where, if you’re executing it correctly, you have the best ability to learn exactly what your target client wants from you. The most successful businesses will use this information to make sure they’re giving their audience exactly what they want!

The “trust” part of the process is getting your audience to a place where they trust you enough to take action and make a purchase from you. As a result of seeing you more and liking what you’re posting, they’re going to trust you, and that’s a great time to start connecting with them in regard to what their issues are…offer a solve for their situation which in turn should lead to a sale!

Writing posts that address the “trust” aspect of this strategy would be like me offering freebies and downloads that would help solve your social media imagery or posting issues. I could offer a content calendar to make writing posts easier or a short course on taking better photos with your camera on your phone. As your potential client downloads and uses your offers there’s a certain level of trust that’s built as they start to look to you as the expert in the area they’re interested in. Once trust is established making the purchase becomes much easier.

So there you have it! The Fox Stock Shop Social Media Strategy! I don’t believe that there’s “exact verbiage” you can use or that saying something specific is going to make people want to purchase from you. If you figure out what it is, let me know! I tend to focus on a more holistic approach when it comes to social media…paying close attention to what’s trending in regard to gaining followers and likes but also staying authentic to myself, or on behalf of my client, in regard to the information that’s going out.

Do you have a social media strategy in place? How are you building the know, like and trust factor with your audience? If you’re realizing that you need a little help in this area, email me! hello@foxstockshop.com and let’s chat about your business!

ciao! natalie

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