Natalie Finazzo Fox, The Girl Behind The Lens

So I thought it might be fun to tell you a little more about me! The girl behind the lens!

If you’ve stumbled upon my Instagram or Facebook profiles you might have read this before which is a pretty accurate description of me…

I’m a creative entrepreneur. I’m a photographer. I’m a storyteller & an artist. I’m an advocate for safe beauty products. I’m a wife, mother to three & the funny friend who will tell you like it is. I’m a sucker for beautiful light & all things social media. I could survive on coffee & a sweet German Riesling. I have a quirky fondness of {addiction to} spreadsheets & believe success comes from having a well designed {color coordinated} plan. I work with businesses to help them achieve their creative & professional goals through beautiful styled stock photography to the dynamic & inspiring world of social media.

So there you have it! Now you know that the way to my heart is to show up with coffee, wine and if you’re really trying to win me over throw in some white chocolate {wink, wink}!

But seriously…I’m a super, probably overly organized creative…like in my perfect world I’ve got a pretty little spreadsheet that outlines each next step in my creative journey…and while I know that’s not always the best way to be successful…I’m a process person by nature and appreciate a clearly organized plan for success! And don’t get me wrong, not everything needs to be spreadsheeted…but let’s be honest, it can’t hurt!

Ok, enough about me! Back to taking beautiful styled stock photography!

Have any questions for me? Feel free to ask! Scouring the internet for specific imagery and aren’t finding it? Have an idea for some images you want photographed? Let’s chat! I’m always available to you at hello@foxstockshop.com.

ciao! natalie

#foxstockshop #createyourself

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